UMIS Workshop

Year one workshop:

The UMIS Project held a collaborator workshop at The Hotel Julien Dubuque in Dubuque, Iowa on May 9th and 10th, 2019. The first day of the workshop focused on meeting core members of the project and 5 presentations were given from participants at The University of Iowa, Iowa State University and The University of Illinois. Appromiately 21 people attended the first day of the workshop and 33 attended the second. The second day focused more generally on people from Federal, state, regional and local agencies. Presentations were given by representatives that also presented on the first day and other agencies including The Iowa Soybean Association, USDA-ARS, US EPA OFfice of Water, UW Discovery Farms, US Fish and Wildlife, Iowa DNR and the USGS. Post-workshop surveys were used to gauge the effectiveness of the workshop. Overall, opinions about the workshop were positive. Some respondents were keen about obtaining more information about the vision and direction of the project. This will be addressed through the UMIS webpage ( and communication through social media.

Click here for the workshop brochure
Click here for the tentative agenda for the workshop

9AM-2:30PM Friday, May 10th
Hotel Julien Dubuque - Dubuque, Iowa
River Room