Upper Mississippi Information System

The UMRB has over 0 people within it (2010 Census). There are over 4100 cities or populated places in the watershed.

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The UMIS Project

will address the three following Grand Challenges for Engineering identified by the National Academy of Engineering:

NSF Clean Water

Provide Access to Clean Water

UMIS will provide a centralized platform for data access, integration and scientific discovery for water-quality issues. This platform will assist researchers in addressing local and system-wide impediments to clean drinking water through strategic and scientifically credible monitoring. Ecological management practices can be evaluated for effectiveness.

NSF Nitrogen Cycle

Manage the Nitrogen Cycle

Decisionmakers, producers, and extension staff will be able to assess the relative efficacy of local (e.g., best management practices) versus system-level (e.g., state strategies) solutions to reduce pollution, optimize the use of resources, establish tradeoffs among competing objectives, and assess the effectiveness of states’ nutrient reduction strategies.

NSF Discovery

Engineer the Tools of Scientific Discovery

UMIS will drive partnerships and collaborations, increase dissemination of information about a critical natural resource to empower stakeholders at all levels, and set new standards for the communication of scientific data. The development of new cyber-infrastructure tools and data management systems will promote research, knowledge creation and dissemination.


Quarterly UMIS Meeting

112 SHL

This is the first quarterly meeting of the core UMIS personnel. Local team members can join in person and those more remote can meet through Zoom

First Annual UMIS Workshop

TBA - The University of Iowa

First annual UMIS workshop to be held on the UI Campus. The event will last 1.5 days.

12th Annual Upper Mississippi River Conference

08:00-5:00PM Annual Meeting

Where: Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center, Moline, Ill.